Ontario Richardson

My Experience

Throughout my more than a decade-long TV news career, my favorite part of the business was the live newscast. I had the opportunity to talk off the cuff, allow the spontaneity of my own personality to shine through. The viewers loved it, and they responded positively by being actively involved in this personalized sharing of newsworthy events in their own community.

The reciprocal relationship of information sharing could be clearly observed when I worked as a television news reporter and faced the challenge of interviewing thousands of people. When the photographer would give me and my interviewees the cue to start talking, I noticed that most of the time, they would be freaked out. They would also lose their train of thought and forget what they were about to say. Thankfully, God gifted me the ability to help pull out the very best out of every individual who I am with.

With the use of my God-given gift, I aim to empower other communicators. Once their skills are enhanced, they would be able to foster a good relationship with whom they are communicating. I truly understand how important it is to be authentic when someone is speaking to the media and before people. This is why I am offering multiple services that will train each of you to be the best speaker that you can be.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Member of National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)
  • Board of Director Kuntry Kidz, Inc.
  • Former Board member of AEE

Mississippi Associated Press Awards:

During my television career, I have received the following recognitions:

1st Place Achievement Reporting – WDAM 2008

1st Place Best General News Reporting – WDAM 2008

2nd Place Public Affairs Reporting – WDAM 2008

1st Place Best Documentary Reporting – WDAM 2009

1st Place Best Spot News Reporting – WDAM 2011

1st Place Achievement Reporting – WDAM 2011

Your Guide to Communicating Effectively

If you are a professional administrator, an industry project manager, or a human resources director, and you want to be able to express your thoughts and present your ideas in a convincing and effective way, I can help you. At ORR Production, I am an enthusiastic supporter of the goals and visions of future-forward organizations and creative professionals. To assist people who want to get better at preparations as well as those who have good presentation skills and are assigned to relaying the plans and outcomes to diverse audiences, I will use my finely tempered skills as a communication and media trainer.